How to File a Complaint

If there is a suspicion that an undertaking abuses its dominant position, it is possible to file a complaint to the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic. A complaint should include description of undertaking and its conduct constituting abuse of a dominant position. If the evidence on this conduct is available you may attach it to your complaint.

For more convenience, a template is available. It can be submitted electronically or downloaded at the bottom of the page.



Company / companies suspected of the infringement of competition rules

Description of the conduct, which constitutes an infringement of competition rules

Description of the undertaking X, that is suspected of an infringement, its scope of business, description of the market the undertaking is active on and its market position

Description of the goods/services related to this particular behaviour

Detailed description of the conduct of the undertaking X which in your opinion abuses its dominant position

Why is the undertaking’s conduct anti-competitive? What is its negative impact on competition and consumers?

What do you expect? What result should your complaint bring?

Back up your arguments with an evidence, should you have any available (e.g. statistics, data and information indicating dominant position of the undertaking X, news and information explaining functioning of the market where the undertaking X operates, contracts, invoices, price lists, correspondence, e-mails and other documents proving anti-competitive behavior, etc.).

Please, provide any other information and facts that you consider important.

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