Cartel Informant Reward

With the aim to enhance detection of hard core cartels, i. e. agreements between competitors, the Office introduces new instrument focused on cooperation with individuals who have information and evidence about these most harmful anti-competitive practices. Natural persons thus may help:
  • quickly and effectively uncover the cartel,
  • punish the offender
  • while saving considerable financial resources, of which the cartel deprives consumers and the whole economy.

What kind of information and evidence to submit?

  1. Documents, e-mails, etc. demonstrating that the competitors agreed, for example, on the winner of a tender or they fixed a fee for goods or a service or agreed on certain measures against competitors, etc.
  2. Alternatively, submitted information may help the Office to carry out a targeted inspection aimed at obtaining the evidence on a cartel.

What amount of reward may the informant get?

Natural person who is the first to provide the Office with significant evidence on the cartel activity is entitled to a reward in the amount of 1 % of the fines imposed in one decision, maximum of EUR 100 000. Provided the fine was not paid, the reward will be reduced to 50 %, maximum of EUR 10 000.

Informant protection 

  • If so requested by the informant, his identity will be protected from disclosure. 
    • This means that he will get into contact with only one of the three undermentioned employees of the Division of Cartels of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic. Other employees of the Office will be involved only with his explicit consent.
    • The Office protects the informant's identity in accordance with the legislation in force and the informant will be properly informed on the further procedure and relating facts on the first contact with the Office.
  • To ensure the protection of the informant the law explicitly guarantees that by providing the information to the Office, the individual does not violate any confidentiality obligation under specific legislation, respectively, employment relationship or any other contractual relationships. Reporting the illegal cartel activity will not be considered unlawful. 
  • The informant may withdraw his notification without any consequence to his person at any stage of cooperation with the Office.


In order to protect the confidential information and informant´s identity, natural persons interested in approaching the Office may use the following points of contact for the employees of the Division of Cartels:
Ing. Ján Šufliarsky – Division of Cartels
Telephone: +421 2 48 29 73 50
 Mgr. Zuzana Kochanová – Divison of Cartels
Telephone:  +421 2 48 29 73 50

Last update:05.06.2018