Conference 2017

Online Registration for Participants of the Conference
“Current Trends in Competition”

(Registration will be open till 11 October 2017)

“Paid Registration (EUR 80)” includes refreshments, invitation to lunch with guests, conference material and also the opportunity to attend both workshops held during the conference.
After completing and submitting this online registration form, an invoice for the payment of registration fee will be sent to your address. Thus fill in all other items, too.
After choosing “Free Registration (EUR 0)” and successful submitting this online registration form, you will be listed among the conference participants.
I agree with processing my personal data included for the purpose of conference registration.
I agree with the publication of audio, video or audio-visual material made during the conference.

Billing information:
Organizátor: Nadácia Národohospodár, Dolnozemská cesta 1, 852 19 Bratislava
IČO: 17319579
IBAN: SK27 0200 0000 0001 3013 3012
VS: participant´s registration number

Last update:25.09.2017