Council of the Office

The Council of the Office decides on appeals and reviews of decisions of administrative proceedings. The Council also decides on the reopening of proceedings and on a prosecutor’s protest in the cases where the head of a central body of state administration decides pursuant to special legislation.

The Council consists of the Council Chairperson and six members of the Council. Chairperson of the Office is simultaneously the Council Chairperson. An employee of the Office is not allowed to be a member of the Council. Council members are appointed and recalled by the Government of the Slovak Republic following a proposal from the Chairperson of the Office. The term of office of Council members shall be five years. Council members are appointed in such a way that the term of office will end for a maximum of three of them during the course of one calendar year. If the performance of the post of a Council member ends before the end of their term of office, a new Council member may only be appointed for the remainder of the respective term of office.

Members of the Council of the Office:

JUDr. Tibor Menyhart - Chairman of the AMO SR, Chairman of the Council of the Office

JUDr. Zora Mistríková
Mgr. Ing. Michaela Michalovičová
Last update:30.11.2020