How to File a Complaint

If there is a suspicion that undertakings created cartel you may file a complaint to the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic. Complaints should include description of undertaking(s) and its/their conduct constituting infringement of the Act. If the evidence on this conduct is available you may attach it to your complaint.

Especially in cartel cases, the employees (present and former) of the undertaking being party to a cartel agreement are afraid of sanction and they are ready to provide AMO SR with the materials or information on suspicion, but disclosure of their identity could seriously threaten them or their relatives. Persons who do not wish to disclose their identity may address AMO SR anonymously – by phone (+421 2 22 12 21 30), post, e-mail or address directly the Director of the Division of Cartels ( or the employee of Division of Cartels ( and agree on way of communication and preservation of anonymity.

For more convenience, the Office has published a sample complaint form. It can be found together with other information in Slovak language at the following website of the Office:

Last update:09.06.2021