Sector Inquiries and Analysis

The problems in the railway sector from the competition point of view 2011

The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter „the Office“) observing sectors without competition, elaborated report on problems in railway sector from the competition point of view. In railway transport, there functioned the single state company in the past and only during recent years the sector gradually opens to competitors. In such sectors there are often competition problems caused for exapmle by historical development, high concentration on the market, and by behaving former state monopolies, which try to protect their position against new market players. Because despite the liberalization competition in railway transport in Slovakia is not developed yet, the Office examined the sector in detail. The key system problems were summarised in sector report describing problems restraining competition. The report: Problémy v sektore železničnej dopravy zo súťažného hľadiska_2011 (in Slovak)
Last update:01.12.2013