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The AMO SR approved the concentration of undertakings Envien International Limited, AGROFERT HOLDING, ENVIRAL, ENAGRO, ENVI GORIVA, ROSSI, MEROCO, POĽNOSERVIS and Etahanol Energy

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The Division of Concentrations of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic approved on April 26, 2013 the concentration grounded in acquisition of direct exclusive control by undertaking Envien International Limited over the undertakings

- Poľnoservis, a. s., Leopoldov, SR,

- ENAGRO, a. s., Leopoldov, SR,

- ROSSI BIOFUEL Zrt., Komárom, Hungary,

- MEROCO, a. s., Leopoldov SR,

- ENVIRAL, a. s., Leopoldov, SR and at the same time indirect exclusive control over the undertakings ENVIRAL Overseas Investment B.V., based in Schiphol, Netherlands, 

- ENVI Goriva d. d., based in Vukovar, Croatia and at the same time over the undertaking BIODIZEL VUKOVAR d. o. o., based in Vukovar, Croatia,

- and in acquisition of joint control by undertakings EIL and AGROFERT in company Ethanol Energy, a. s., Vrdy, Czech Republic.

The decision came into force on May 10, 2013.