Press releases

At the same time, the undertaking was ordered to refrain from the given behaviour and to eliminate the illegal situation.

The Office obtained documentation and information indicating that four undertakings had coordinated their bidding procedure in a public procurement and a public tender.

The Council of AMO SR annulled the first-instance decision of AMO SR and returned the matter to the first-instance body of AMO SR for a new proceedings and decision.

In connection with public procurements for the migration of information systems, an agreement restricting competition might have been concluded.

An agreement restricting competition might have been concluded between undertakings in connection with participating and submitting bids in public procurement for landscaping.

AMO SR imposed on the party to the proceedings the obligation to fulfill commitments.

According to a notification, the merger is grounded in the acquisition of direct exclusive control of undertaking BDS SPORT GROUP Ltd., over companies A3 SPORT, s.r.o., SR and A3 SPORT, s.r.o., CR.

The merger is grounded in the acquisition of exclusive control of undertaking NN Group N.V. over the company Finportal, a.s.

AMO SR approved the creation of fully-functional joint venture of undertakings AZC, a.s., BSP SOFTWAREDISTRIBUTION, a.s., and ColosseoEAS, a.s.

AMO SR approved a merger grounded in the acquisition of indirect exclusive control over undertaking MEDICAL GROUP SK, a.s., by undertaking PENTA INVESTMENTS LIMITED.