Accessibility Statement

Website WWW.ANTIMON.GOV.SK is the website of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, which meets all the essential accessibility standards for public administration information systems determined by the Decree of Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic No. 55/2014 Coll. on Standards for Public Administration Information Systems.
Page layout and control is designed with regard to their accessibility in alternative browsers (for example, text browsers, voice readers, etc.), as well as to persons with special needs.
The published texts are defined in relative units (em) and their size can be adjusted using standard Internet browser tools.

To simplify the control of pages the access keys are defined as follows:

0    For content of page - refers to the beginning of unique content of the current page
1    Help on access keys - opens a page with information about used access keys (this     page)
2    Home - link to home page
3    Site Map - a link to the page showing the web structure
4    Search - transfers the cursor into the text box of search form

Used access keys depend to used browser. Internet Explorer ALT+letter and enter, Mozilla Firefox ALT+SHIFT+letter, Google Chrome ALT+letter (older versions had blocked AccessKey), Opera SHIFT+ESC+letter (access keys do not work reliably in Opera).
In case of any problems with the content accessibility or functionality of website, or with technical questions please contact website administrator at e-mail address Questions related to the content can be sent to the address or to contacts listed under the Contacts.

Author is not responsible for content of website.

Last update:14.09.2016