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Feedback on experience with using the AMO SR´s website

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This feedback form is aimed at finding out the needs and observations connected with using the website of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (hereafter "AMO SR").

By completing the feedback form you help to improve the AMO SR´s website.

Answers to all questions stated below are voluntary and they are anonymous. It takes approximately 2 minutes to complete the feedback form.

Thank you for your agreement with participation in this survey about experience with using the website of AMO SR.

1. Have you visited the website of AMO SR for work or private reasons?
Please do not reveal information of personal nor financial charatcer, e. g. your ID number or data about a credit card.
3. Have you found what you were loking for?
4. How would you evaluate your experience with visiting the website of AMO SR?
5. Were you looking for information required elsewhere before you have visited this website?