The workshop on heating system

On August 22, 2013 the AMO SR organized the workshop referring to the study on the heating sector. Having received number of repeating complaints pointing out alleged infringement of competition rules and systemic deficiencies in heating sector the Office worked out the study describing situation in heating industry focused on functioning of central supply of heat.

The aim of study is to share experience with the state administration bodies and other market participants and to arouse a broader discussion leading to adoption of   systemic measures which would lead to setting the legal and regulation framework ensuring the elimination or restriction of market failures.

The study was discussed with the representatives of institutions involved in heating supply – Ministry of Economy, the national regulatory authority (ÚRSO), the Slovak innovative and energetic agency, the Association of municipalities of Slovakia, Slovak alliance of heat producers, the Association of guilds of flat owners. The participants to the workshop appreciated the Office initiative in this field. Final version of the study including the remarks and suggestions of participants to the workshop will be published on the Office website at the end of September 2013.
Last update:03.12.2013