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Workshop on cartel agreements in public procurement

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On December 3, 2013 The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic held a workshop on cartels in public procurement ("bid rigging") organised for students of the Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava. The employees firstly introduced mission and scope of the Office´s activities. They continued with several contributions on “bid rigging”, it means collusions and coordinated behavior of bidders for public contracts, on a basis of which the winner of a tender is agreed beforehand. In their presentations they also explained why the "bid rigging" is harmful, how to intervene against it, they clarified the forms in which such anti-competitive conduct occurs and the evidence of collusion in public procurement. Participants also learned more about the specific cases of "bid rigging”, which the AMO SR, European Commission and other competition authorities dealt with.

The Office has already organised a series of expert workshops on the “bid rigging” topic for the staff of the Office for Public Procurement, the Supreme Audit Office, the Police, the National Highway Company, also for representatives of ministries, autonomous regions and municipalities and Financial Control Office. These seminars are organised with the aim to raise awareness of the potential competition concerns and thus prevent their occurrence.