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Conference Current Trends in Slovak and European Competition Law

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On 18 May 2016, the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava organised the fourth annual international conference on ‘Current Trends in Slovak and European Competition Law’. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of the importance of competition law and its context in the European practice. Experts from the European Commission, competition authorities of Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as advocacy and the business representative presented their views on current competition issues.

The first panel traditionally gave an overview of new competition policy developments in the European Union, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. It included information on decisions of competition authorities, courts and legislation.

The first specialized panel was dedicated to the participation of consortia in public tenders in view of competition protection. Within this panel the speeches have been presented by the representatives of academics, Swedish competition authority and the business representative who gave their views on this issue from different perspectives. The main issue was the question when is the establishment of consortium in public procurement or other tender contrary to the competition rules and on the other hand when it does not raise any competition concerns.

The second specialized panel dealt with the competition in public passenger transport in Slovakia. This panel appropriately joins the views of national and the European authority and the business view. One of the conclusions was the importance of proper setting of public procurements in public interest in the area of transport services.

For more than two hundred participants the international conference was an excellent opportunity for exchange of opinions with representatives of other jurisdictions, competition authorities and professions involved in competition law.

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