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AMO SR supports Computational Antitrust project hosted by Stanford University in California

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The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic has joined competition authorities in countries all around the world, which have been cooperating in the framework of a project focused on the new branch of ​​legal informatics - Computational Antitrust. The project is hosted by the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics - CodeX at Stanford University in California, the USA.
The Computational Antitrust project brings together around 50 competition authorities and more than 35 scholars from all around the world dealing with the research and the development of computational methods for the area of competition protection. In addition to the realization of related publishing or training activities, they lead mutual discussions on how technology and automation can make the enforcement of competition protection rules more efficient. Together, they seek to explore the possibilities of how legal informatics could contribute to the automation of antitrust procedures and improve antitrust analyses, and on the basis of findings, they create computational automation methods for the area of competition protection.
Also due to the increasingly more complex and dynamic markets of today's economy, the implementation of computational methods is necessary for competition authorities in order to maintain and to improve their ability to detect, analyse and remedy anti-competitive practices. Based on this, the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic has decided to take the opportunity to become a part of the Computational Antitrust project and to make its efforts in the favour of improving computational antitrust methods.

Details about the project are available also at the website