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AMO approved merger of companies Tate & Lyle and AMYLUM SLOVAKIA

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On July 10, 2015 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Concentrations („the Office“) approved the merger through which the undertaking Tate & Lyle Investments Limited, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland („TL“) acquired indirect exclusive control over the undertaking AMYLUM SLOVAKIA, spol. s r.o., Boleráz, the Slovak Republic („ASL“). Joint control has been changed to exclusive control of company TL over the company ASL.
Company TL is a holding company leading the economic group Tate & Lyle („TL group“). Main activities of TL group are production and sale of special food ingredients (starches, high intensity sweeteners and texturants) obtained from maize and other substrates; and production and sale of mass sweeteners and starches obtained from maize.
The undertaking ASL deals with the production and sale of natural maize starches, liquid sweeteners, maltodextrins and raw material for animal feed.
The activities of undertaking concerned overlap horizontally in the territory of the Slovak Republic in the area of natural maize starches, liquid sweeteners and raw material for animal feed as both groups act in these areas. Except the acquired company group TL acts in this area in Slovakia only minimally, and the Office did not identify competition concerns.
Activities of undertaking concerned are related also vertically, namely through the purchase of natural maize starch by the company ASL from TL group, but this vertical relation does not raise competition concerns.
After assessment of all acquired materials and information the Office concluded that the merger does not infringe effective competition in the relevant market, mainly as result of creation or strengthening of dominant position and it approved the merger.
The decision came into force on July 16, 2015.