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Business breakfast with the Chairman of the AMO SR

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On January 9, 2013 business breakfast took place in the AMO SR where the details of strategy for the next period including prepared legislative changes were introduced. The Chairman of AMO SR Mr. Tibor Menyhart and other representatives informed lawyers and undertakings on strategy of the Office, its prioritization, on amendment of the Act on Protection of Competition, on benefits of strategy in the field of mergers, on expected effects of more economic approach to assessing cases. The aim of strategy is building a modern competition authority with meaningful policy resulting in a clear benefit to consumer. To achieve this aim the Office prepared set of changes and measures ensuring the higher efficiency of Office ´s activities and also the more vigorous enforcement of competition in Slovakia. The aim of prioritization is to focus the capacity of the Office mainly on handling meaningful competition issues. During informal debates the participants of the meeting exchanged the views on how the prioritization takes its course in praxis.