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CARTELS: The Antimonopoly Office of SR sanctioned the parties to public procurements financed by EU funds for a cartel

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On 7 August 2014 the Antimonopoly Office of SR, Division of Cartels issued a decision imposing fines on ten undertakings for concluding four cartel agreements grounded in coordination of behaviour of undertakings in four public procurements financed under the Operational Programme Education using the European Social Fund and national resources.

Subject of these public procurements was supply of goods and services for secondary school in Trencin Region. The Office sanctioned the undertakings which participated in public procurements as possible suppliers of goods and services, but also the undertakings which provided the secondary school administrative services related to obtaining contributions from EU funds and organisations of the public procurements and thus enabled or facilitated the conclusion of cartel agreements.

The Antimonopoly Office acquired information on alleged anticompetitive conduct from another state authority.

In order to confirm its suspicion and ensure further evidence, the Office conducted unannounced inspection in the business premises of various undertakings prior to administrative proceedings. During the inspection the Office obtained evidence proving the conclusion of cartel agreements.

Decision of the Antimonopoly Office is not valid yet.

Since it is a first-instance decision which could be appealed by the party to the proceedings, at this stage the Office does not publish any other details on this decision.