MERGER: AMO SR approved merger of companies Bridgestone Europe and A.R.S.

On October 26, the Antimonopoly Office of Slovak Republic, Division of Concentrations („Office“) approved merger throug which the undertaking Bridgestone Europe NV/SA, Zaventem, Belgium acquired the direct exclusive control over the undertaking A.R.S., Limited Liability Company, Banská Bystrica.

Company Bridgestone Europe is incorporated and existing under the laws of the Belgium, it´s the part of wider economic group Bridgestone Corporation (Group Bridgestone). 

The group Brdgestone acts in the following areas:
- producing and progress of the rubbers and protectors;
- chemical and industrial products;
- sporting goods.

Group Bridgestone acts in te slovak market through the company Bridgestone Slovakia, s.r.o., over which acts the direct exclusive control. In the slovak market acts through trade distribution new own rubbers and protectors.

The limited liability company A.R.S. acts retail distribution of the new rubbers from different makers, protectoring and rubber servising,and the other affiliated services.

The Office assessed, that in the area of Slovak Republic the activites of the merger parts are overlaping.

In the area of the new rubber distribution the Office didn´t identify competition doubts. The both companies act in the different leve of the distribution chain (trade vs. retail). The company A.R.S. sells through the retail the new rubbers of te different makers. At the retail level act many suppliers of the new rubbers, who deliver the rubber portfolio of the differet makers.

In the area of the protector distribution the Bridgestone company acts in the Slovak Republic just marginal, concequently the merger doesn´t excite the competition doubts.

After evaluation of all acquired materials and information the Office concluded that the assessed merger does not infringe effective competition in the relevant market, mainly as result of creation or strengthening of dominant position and it approved the merger.

The decision came into force on October 30, 2015.

Last update:05.11.2015