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MERGERS: AMO approved the merger of M&G and ARTMEDIA

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On July 21, 2015 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Concentrations („the Office“) approved a merger through which the undertaking M&G Alternatives Investment Management Limited, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland („M&G”) acquired the indirect exclusive control over the undertaking ARTMEDIA, a.s., Slovak Republic („Artmedia“) and its subsidiaries, namely the company GGE a.s. („GGE“) and over the companies under its control.

Undertaking MAGAIM is the control acquirer and Artmedia is the acquired undertaking.

The undertaking MAGAIM belongs to the economic group Prudential („Prudential Group“), headed by the company Prudential plc. Prudential Group consists of four divisions. The division M&G which includes the company MAGIAM, manages funds and provides investments in retails markets as well for institutional investors. MAGAIM acts as an investment fund manager of Infracapital Fund II, focused on investments in infrastructure and energy sector and the company Artmedia is being acquired in the portfolio of this fund.

Company Artmedia and its subsidiaries belong to the economic group Grafobal. Artmedia neither produces, nor provides any products, nor does it provide any services. Company GGE and companies under its control operate in the area of production of heat and electricity, supply and distribution of heat, electricity and gas and in the area of construction and assembly activities in the energy sector in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Serbia.

In Slovakia there is no horizontal overlap of the activities of the undertakings concerned and / or heir economic groups and there is no vertical relationship. Assessing all documents and information the Office did not identify any competition concerns and it approved the merger.

The decision came into force on July 29, 2015.