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MERGERS: AMO SR approved a concentration grounded in acquisition of direct exclusive control of the undertaking AMVIAN Automotive over Faurecia Autositze

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The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic approved the concentration grounded in acquisition of direct exclusive control of the undertaking AMVIAN Automotive (Europe) GmbH, Germany over the part of the enterprise of the undertaking Faurecia Autositze GmbH, Germany, namely over the assets referring the plant seating at Hadersbacher Straße 16, 16a, 94333 Geiselhöring, Germany.

Parties to this concentration are undertaking AMVIAN as an acquirer and undertaking Faurecia as the acquired subject.

Company AMVIAN belongs to the group headed by the company P&C Group 1 Inc. It has no subsidiaries in the territory of the SR. Company AMVIAN is directly involved neither in the car industry nor in the production of seat constructions or adjustment mechanisms. Its main activity is production of metal stampings and welded structures. Company CAMACO, LLC belonging to the group of P&C is active in car industry and it is the biggest independent supplier of seat constructions in the North American car industry. 

Company Faurecia belongs to the group Faurecia. It is owned by the parent company FAURECIA S.A., seated in France. Faurecia group is one of the global leaders in the following four business areas: car seats, internal systems, car exteriors and technologies for emission regulation. Faurecia group affiliates are located all around the world including Slovakia, where the group is represented by the company Faurecia Slovakia s.r.o., Bratislava. Its main activity is production and sale of seat components for car industry. The plant subject to this transaction does not have legal personality. It produces car seats components.

Business activities of companies P&C and Faurecia horizontally overlap in the area of production and sale of seat constructions outside Europe. Faurecia group belongs to the top producers of car seats in Europe (currently Asia is its priority territory), P&C group acts in the territory of EU only in minimal extent.

According to the concentration notification there is no overlapping of the activities of P&C and Faurecia groups at any horizontal, vertical or connected markets within the EU.

Based on all acquired documents and information the Office did not identify any competition concerns resulting from this concentration and it approved the concentration.

The decision came into force on 27 May 2014.