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MERGERS: AMO SR approved merger of MEIF 4 and Towercom

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On 28 August 2014 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Concentrations approved the merger grounded in acquisition of indirect exclusive control of the undertaking MEIF 4 Luxembourg C Holdings S.à.r.l., Grand Duchy of Luxembourg („MEIF 4“) over the undertaking Towercom, a.s., Slovak Republic („Towercom“).

Company MEIF 4 which acquires control is a wholesale investment fund and belongs to business group of Macquarie Group Ltd.

Macquarie Group is a global expert in financial services with particular expertise in the area of natural resources, commodities, energy, financial institutions, infrastructure and real estates. It operates worldwide. Each business is conducted within the operational groups of Macquarie Group. Neither notifier nor any entity within Macquarie Group, or any of the investment funds (including MEIF 4), has any activities or any turnover in the markets of the Slovak Republic.

Some investment funds and their portfolio companies belonging to Macquarie Group are active outside the territory of the Slovak Republic in certain segments in which the company Towercom acts in Slovakia. For example, company České Radiokomunikace, a.s., as a provider of broadcasting and telecom tower infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

Company Towercom directly or indirectly controls the following companies: company Towerhome, a.s., Slovak Republic,  ANTENA PLUS, a.s., Slovak Republic, TELECOM CORP, a.s., Slovak Republic, Towercom ČR, a.s., Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as „Towercom group“). Companies of Towercom group operate in Slovakia in the area of three main segments, namely broadcasting services, services of telecommunication infrastructure and services of data transfer.

The Office left the product and geographic market definition open since neither horizontal nor vertical overlap of the activities of undertakings concerned has been identified in the Slovak Republic.

Evaluating all acquired documents and materials the Office did not identify the competition concerns resulting from the concentration and approved it.

Decision came into force on 8 September 2014.