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On 27 August 2014 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Concentrations approved the concentration grounded in acquisition of direct exclusive control of the undertaking  PETROLTRANS, a.s. („Petroltrans“) over the undertaking OKTAN, a.s. („Oktan).

Company Petroltrans operates in the territory of middle and eastern Europe (including the Slovak Republic) as a wholesale distributor of diesel and petrol, including their transport and at the same time it ensures additives products.

Company Oktan operates exclusively in the territory of the Slovak Republic both as a wholesaler and retailer of diesel, petrol, LPG and oils and as a retailer of other products within the petrol stations. It also operates in the area of lease of movable and immovable property, provision of services (bookkeeping) and brokering.

The activities of the parties to the merger overlap horizontally in the territory of the Slovak Republic in the areas of wholesale of diesel and petrol. Company Oktan also operates in the markets vertically related to the wholesale of petrol and diesel, namely in the market of petrol and diesel retail through the network of 12 petrol stations.

Evaluating all acquired documents and materials the Office did not identify the competition concerns resulting from the concentration and approved it.

Decision came into force on 28 August 2014.