MERGERS: AMO SR approved the group of Ribera Salud´s entrance into the company Pro Diagnostic Group

Updated: 14.08.2017

On 26 July 2017 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, the Division of Concentrations, (hereafter "the Office") approved the merger grounded in the creation of the joint venture SP PDG: Pro Diagnostic Group, Malý trh 2/A, 811 08 Bratislava (hereafter "PDG"), to which the undertaking NEPHROS, s.r.o., Hliny 1418/10, 017 01 Považská Bystrica, ID No: 36 312 541 (hereafter "NEPHROS") will be integrated and over which the undertakings Ribera Salud, S.A., Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas No. 58, building Sorolla Center, Office 1104, 46015 Valencia, the Kingdom of Spain, VAT No.: A03681186 (hereafter "Ribera Salud") and Pro Partners Holding, a.s., Malý trh 2/A, 811 08 Bratislava, ID No. 47 257 521 (hereafter "PPH") will acquire the joint control.
Prior to the merger the undertaking PDG was jointly controlled by the undertaking PPH and other undertaking.
The undertaking Ribera Salud covers the companies providing outpatient and constitutional healthcare (general and specialized), focuses on integrated management of healthcare and social services and the development of new healthcare models, particularly through the development of public-private partnerships. The undertaking Ribera Salud and his group of companies do not carry out any business activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic.
The undertaking PPH is an investment holding company and the parent company of the group of Pro Partners covering its subsidiary companies, through which it operates in the region of Central and Eastern European, particularly in the private equity, real estate and finance sectors.
The undertaking PDG as a target company covers the group of companies providing healthcare in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine (magnetic resonance, PET/CT, X-ray, ultrasonography) in non-state medical facilities. In the Slovak Republic it provides these services through the following companies:
  • Dr. MAGNET, s.r.o., (it operates two magnetic resonance workplaces in Bratislava: Kramáre and Ružinov, in cooperation with BIONT, a.s., also the project of PET/CT center),
  • Medicína Nové Zamky, spol. s r.o., (it operates two magnetic resonance workplaces: in Nové Zámky and Levice),
  • MR Žilina, s.r.o., (it operates a magnetic resonance workplace in Žilina),
  • MR Poprad, s.r.o., (it operates a magnetic resonance workplace in Poprad),
  • Pro Magnet, spol. s r.o., (it operates two magnetic resonance workplaces: in Prešov and Košice),
  • Pro RTG, s.r.o., (it operates the workplace Mýtna in Bratislava focused on radiology – it provides CT, USG and X-ray examinations).
The undertaking NEPHROS does not perform any business activity, any control over other companies, nor does it hold minority interests in other companies.
Based on the information provided in the notification, particularly considering that in the territory of the Slovak Republic the group of Ribera Salud does not operate directly nor indirectly and that the undertaking NEFROS does not perform any business activity, the Office found out that the merger concerned does not result into negative horizontal nor negative non-horizontal effects on conditions of competition, while no cooperative effects of the creation of SP PDG were identified.
After evaluating the documentation and information submitted, the Office came to a conclusion that merger assessed does not significantly impede effective competition on the relevant market, particularly as a result of creating or strengthening of a dominant position.
The decision came into force on 2 August 2017.

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