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MERGERS: AMO SR initiated administrative proceedings relating to the imposition of a fine for submitting false information

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On 29 January 2018 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, the Division of Concentrations, (hereafter "the Office") initiated the administrative proceedings in the matter of the imposition of a fine for a possible infringement of the Act on Protection of Competition (hereafter "the Act") grounded in submitting false information.
During general investigation in the matter of a potential infringement of the Act by failing to notify the merger relating to the area of ​​recreational facilities and providing related services, the Office requested documentation and information from the undertaking concerned. The reason for initiating the administrative proceedings is the submission of false information in the course of the investigation.
According to the Article 38a Paragraph 1 of the Act, for the breach of the obligation to submit documentation or information within stipulated time, for the failure to submit true or complete documentation or for not allowing their verification, the Office imposes 
  1. a fine up to 1 % of turnover according to Article 3 Paragraph 5 for the previous accounting period on an undertaking or legal person who is not an undertaking,
  2. a fine up to EUR 1 650 on a natural person who is not an undertaking.
Initiating the administrative proceedings does not mean that its participant infringed the Act nor does it prejudge the conclusions which the Office will come to in its decision in the case.