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MERGERS: The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic approved concentration of Columbex and Axasoft

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The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Concentrations approved the concentration grounded in a merger of undertakings COLUMBEX INTERNATIONAL, a.s. („COLUMBEX“) and AXASOFT, a.s. („AXASOFT“). COLUMBEX will be the successor of merged undertakings.

The main activity of the company COLUMBEX is application services, i.e. implementation of information systems based on SAP products for various sectors (e.g. public administration, banking and insurance sector, chemical industry, engineering, stationery, retailing). COLUMBEX also provides services for system integration and outsourcing of information and communication technologies. During the merger assessment process the Office took into account also activities of the undertaking DITEC, a.s. („DITEC“), which also operates in the field of information technologies. The company develops information systems and applications, specializing in the development and delivery of customized solutions focused on automated collection and processing of data especially in the area of public sector. DITEC further deals with the supply of network and technical infrastructure elements, building up network infrastructure, network management, servicing with service level agreement (SLA).

The main business activity of AXASOFT is development of software solutions for banking institutions, public administration and private sector. The company develops applications for support of payment card transactions, POS network management system, loyalty systems, systems for verification and routing of payments via EFT POS terminals.
For the purpose of assessment of the concentration the main activities of undertakings COLUMBEX and DITEC on one site and AXASOFT on the other site can be divided into:
  • software for creating databases (including tailor-made applications),
  • corporate application software,
  • creation of network infrastructures.
According to the submitted data, the Office focused in the further assessment on the area of software for creating databases, where on the one hand company DITEC operates and on the other hand company AXASOFT. AXASOFT provides its services primarily to customers from banking sector and individual clients. In terms of public sector, it provides the specialized software only to Agricultural Paying Agency. DITEC provides services of development of customized software to individual clients and its biggest customers belong to the public sector. It does not focus on the banking sector.

After evaluation of all obtained data and information the Office did not identify any concerns of distortion of effective competition because of the concentration in case and did approve the concentration.

The decision came into force on 1 April 2014.