The AMO SR carried out inspections in the banking sector

(Bratislava, October 24, 2013) The AMO SR, Division of Cartels can confirm that last week the AMO SR officials carried out unannounced inspections at the premises of several companies active in the banking sector. The AMO SR has reasonable suspicion that companies concerned may exchange information the result of which can possibly be the agreement on common policy in setting charges for services for natural persons. Alleged suspicions relate to violations of both national and European competition law.
Investigation is in accordance with prioritization policy of the /sprava-obsahu-stranok/ focused besides others on establishing of effective competition in financial markets. Financial sector represents one of the most important driving factors of economy. Effective competitive environment in the financial markets is one of the fundamental presumptions of its functioning and further development. Events in the financial markets and behavior of undertakings acting at this market affect and impact the wide range of consumers - from the common citizens through undertakings to state administration and self-administration bodies.

The fact that the AMO SR carries out such inspections does not mean that the companies have violated the competition rules; nor it prejudges the outcome of the investigation itself. The AMO SR does not provide detailed information on investigation at this stage.
Last update:29.10.2013