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The Antimonopoly Office confirms the inspections in field of providing services of medical nutrition and catering in hospitals

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The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Cartels confirms that between 04 February 2015 and 06 February 2015 it conducted unannounced inspections in the business premises of companies acting in the area of provision of complex catering services and medical nutrition of patients and staff in hospitals and in business premises of company also in the area of public procurement.
Inspections were conducted on the basis of reasonable suspicion that the companies participated in agreements or concerted practices restricting competition aimed at fixing prices both directly and indirectly, allocating market or coordinating their conduct or procedure with other undertakings participating in public procurement.

The fact that the Office made an inspection does not imply that the entities concerned have infringed the competition rules, nor does it prejudge the conclusions of the investigation. The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic does not provide further information at this stage of investigation.