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The Antimonopoly Office confirms the unannounced inspections at the premises of undertakings acting in the area of motor vehicles sale on April 18 – 20, 2016

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The Office had reasoned suspicion that the distributors of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles might have concluded an agreement restricting competition. The Office believes that the undertakings cooperated in sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with the aim of restricting competition. Their cooperation might have occurred mainly through:
  • agreements directly or indirectly setting the sale prices for selected groups of customers (small customers, large customers, operative leasing),
  • agreements based on which the undertakings allocated relevant market,
  • coordination of behaviour or joint conduct of these undertaking in public procurement or tenders,
  • exchange of sensitive information, mainly price information.
The fact that the Office made an inspection does not imply that the entities concerned have infringed the competition rules, nor does it prejudge the conclusions of the investigation. The Office does not provide further information at this stage of investigation.