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The Antimonopoly Office launched the administrative proceeding against the undertaking for submitting information after the deadline specified by the Office

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On 18 March 2015 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, Division of Abuse of Dominant Position and Vertical Agreements ex officio launched the administrative proceedings in the matter of possible infringement of the obligation to submit to the Office the documents and information in the specified time limit.

The Office had a reasonable suspicion that the undertaking concerned violated the obligation pursuant to the Article 22, par. 2 of the Act by the fact that it did not submit the documents and information in specified time limit to the Office. Documents and information were needed for the investigation in the area of supply of retail sale of milk and dairy products.
The fact that the Office initiated the administrative proceedings does not imply that the entity concerned has infringed the competition rules, nor does it prejudge the conclusions which the Office may reach in its decision.