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The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic confirms the inspection in the companies providing meal vouchers

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Division of Cartels confirms that it conducted unannounced inspections in the business premises of the companies acting in the market of meal vouchers and other benefit vouchers.

The Office has reasonable suspicion that the investigated companies coordinated their behaviour mainly in the public procurements and also in tenders. Cooperation between the undertakings concerned could take place mainly through:
  • agreements which directly or indirectly fix purchase or selling prices of goods or other trade conditions,
  • exchange of sensitive information, mainly exchange of information on prices of goods,
  • coordination of behaviour in public procurements, trade tenders or other similar tenders, particularly through customers allocation.
The Office conducted an inspection of the suspicious undertakings in order to find and examine all relevant facts and determine the level of participation of all undertakings concerned in the possible agreement restricting competition.

The fact that the Office made an inspection does not imply that the entities concerned have infringed the competition rules, nor does it prejudge the conclusions of the investigation. The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic does not provide further information at this stage of investigation.