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The Antimonopoly Office will focus on new sectors

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Since the situation in the Slovak market has been developing, the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic proceeded to update its priorities. In the near future the Office will increasingly monitor and analyse the competition in the sector of public passenger transport and in the motor vehicle industry, and it will also continue the investigation of food industry.

Liberalization which this sector has encountered recently is the main reason for analysis of the public passenger transport. This process generally brings the risk and the desired development is hindered very often which could be confirmed by the experience from neighbouring countries as well. For these reasons, the Office considers important to focus on identification of possible barriers to entry this market and on recommendation of measures for their elimination.

In terms of motor vehicles sector, it is a sector characterised by the long-term existence of sector-specific rules. In general, competition in the aftermarkets, in the area of repair and maintenance services and spare parts distribution is less intense, since these markets are bound to a specific brand of the motor vehicle. Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles represent an important component of the overall consumer spending on motor vehicles. Preliminary Office´s monitoring indicates potential competition risks in this area, therefore, it is appropriate that the Office focuses on this sector.

In the event that based on its analyses the Office concludes that competition on the monitored markets is distorted, it is ready to intervene and remove competition shortcomings.

The above mentioned does not mean that the Antimonopoly Office will not intervene also in other sectors of the economy.
Complete Prioritisation Policy of the Antimonopoly Office of SR is available at