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Welcome to the new website of AMO SR

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AMO SR has started presenting its activities to the public also through this new website.

Since 1 December 2021 the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (hereafter “the Office”) has been having its new website Through this website, it will continue to publish information on significant activities in the field of competition protection and state aid coordination.

The address of the Office's website has remained the same, i. e.

After 8 years of operating its previous website, it has undergone mainly a visual change.

From the visual point of view, the Office applied the Uniform Design Manual of Electronic Services on its new website, which was released by the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic via the website The Office believes that due to the focus of design manual the Office´s new website will contribute to unifying user interfaces and communication methods in providing electronic services in Slovakia, as the requirement to unify electronic services follows from the National Concept of Public Administration Informatization from 2016.

The Office will also ensure the compliance with the rules of accessibility of websites in accordance with the valid guidelines of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics of the Slovak Republic. Their aim is to ensure that websites (not only those of public administration authorities) do not lay obstacles in their using and at the same time that their users have equal access to their content, services and functions, regardless of health and age.

Because of the Office´s interest in your experience with using this website and the wish to improve it, thereby the Office would like to ask you for observations and comments regarding especially its content. You can send them to the Office via the feedback forms located at the bottom of website or by e-mail sent to

Also in this connection, the Office would like to thank you in advance for your patience during eliminating any deficiencies that will be identified on the Office's new website after its launch.

By using this new website, the Office expresses its effort to facilitate public access to necessary information concerning the fields of its competence. At the same time, through its website, the Office can continue raising the public awareness of importance of competition and the necessity of complying with its rules.