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Workshop on Protection of Leniency Documents vs. Defence Rights

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On October 17, 2012 the Antimonopoly Office of  the Slovak Republic (hereinafter „the Office“) organized a workshop “Protection of Leniency Documents vs. Defence Rights”. Representatives of the Office, Representation of the European Commisssion in Slovakia together with with attorneys and lawyers discussed the leniency program, which should help to detect  cartels and at the same time protect those, who provide the information leading to revealing cartel. JUDr. Zuzana Šabová from the Office presided the workshop and opened the debate. JUDr. Erika Lovásová introduced the point of view of the Office. She acquainted participants with valid statutory regulations on leniency programm and the access to the  documents, the reasons of protection, explained, who and upon which circumstances has the access to the leniency documents. JUDr. Andrej Králik representing European Commission in Slovakia discussed the right of participants to the access to the documents in the eye of European Commission and EU Court of Justice. JUDr. Peter Oravec from PRK Partners s. r. o. compared conditions of accessing documents by the Office and by the European Commission. During debate participants exchanged the views on several aspects of the topic. The Office welcomes another proposals from professionals for effective changing opinions.